Grab hold of your Professional and Financial Dreams by becoming a NUTRITION ZONE Franchisee today!

While feeling the daily reward of building a STRONGER, BETTER, HEALTHIER & HAPPIER community, one customer at a time.





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There are Billions of reasons.


Because Nutrition Zone just combined the 175 billion dollar supplement industry with the 10 billion dollar CBD industry!

Besides, there is never going to be a shortage of folks striving to be healthy and happy, wanting pain relief, and working and training to perform and look better!


Highly Competitive Advantages. And Values.

  1. PROVEN SUCCESS: 17 years of trusted reputation and brand recognition.

  2. BEAT THE INTERNET: compete and win with SAME DAY DELIVERY.

  3. STORE LOOK: best looking and customizable for your community.

  4. TRAINING: industry leading experts at our own NZ University.

  5. PRODUCTS: incredible pricing and access to the world’s best brands.

  6. ADVANTAGE: 7 exclusive brands with great margins and quality formulas.

  7. ADDITIONAL REVENUE: rebates, apparel, cryo-therapy, meals & water.

  8. SYSTEMS: top-notch backend business management and ordering system.

  9. MARKETING & SUPPORT: best in class while taking the pressure off you.

  10. LEADERSHIP: proven winners to drive and foster your success.

  11. VALUES: Service, Quality, Competitiveness, Excellence & TEAM!


David beats Goliath. Every time. With Same Day Delivery.


Yup! We now offer Same Day Delivery! We invested heavily on the infrastructure that allows our franchisees to become distribution centers for online sales where they make 100% of the revenue. Not only an industry first, but a franchise system first!

We also offer best in class customer service and on demand product help and knowledge through call, text and live chat to better serve, educate and help our customers. Even Amazon can't compete with that.


We have always Lead the Pack.


Over the past 17 years, Nutrition Zone has established itself as the Trusted Leader in Dietary and Sports Supplements due to its 1) strong emphasis on SERVICE and KNOWLEDGE, manifested through incredible franchisees and team members who care about their communities and have been properly trained at Nutrition Zone University (NZU) and 2) a relentless focus on QUALITY, through a meticulous vetting and testing of the products it sells.

As the CBD category quickly expands to an even wider demographic including the elderly, soccer moms, athletes and pets, an established TRUSTWORTHY retailer will be in high demand in every community in America as all walks of life and curious minds will want to know more about how they can benefit from these products.

Nutrition Zone has the products, the pricing, the training and most importantly the confidence of the consumer to continue leading the CBD and Supplement categories.  The only question is, will you be part of the tidal wave?


Your dreams of business ownership are in reach.


Despite the impressive earning potential and incredible reward of really helping people (it’s just not the same flipping burgers or serving yogurt), Nutrition Zone Franchise ownership is surprisingly affordable.

Offering the most value for the least amount of cost, you can have a Nutrition Zone of your very own for as little as:

$87,200 to $193,950


Great support comes cheap.


At Nutrition Zone, you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

We offer great brand recognition and world class support for a fixed fee of only:

$2,000 per month

While some franchises charge you more and more as you become successful, we know exactly what it costs us to serve you, and that is all we will ever take.

Even more exciting, Nutrition Zone currently has rebate programs in place that can offset up to 100% of your monthly fees.

Yeah, we know. It is remarkable.