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Hello. For over 15 years, Nutrition Zone has been a leader in the sports supplement, health and wellness industry. Our success has been even more impressive as we are based in Southern California, the hardest Supplement market in the world, with Franchisees now in multiple states as well.  A couple months ago, after incredible demand from our customers, we carefully waded into the CBD space. In that short amount of time many of our Nutrition Zone Franchises have experienced incredible growth due to the overwhelming demand of the product. It completely shocked us, especially due to the fact it seems to be just emerging, and because the age range has been like nothing we have previously seen. In fact, the feedback and demand has been so overwhelming that we have recently decided to convert and dedicate up to half of our stores to showcase over 100 different kinds of CBD products. Nutrition Zone quickly become the #1 source of CBD, with unmatched variety of brands and products.

Our goal with Nutrition Zone is to continue establishing ourselves as The Supplement & CBD Authority throughout the United States, and we have just begun selling Franchises that focus on this category.  The interest is overwhelming. And we expect this to absolutely explode, with many experts telling us the CBD category will become the fastest growing franchise category they ever seen.  This is partly driven by the expectation that the CBD category is projected to reach $20 Billion U.S. Dollars by 2020 (exponential growth from 2018’s already impressive $600 Million).

But with all the messaging, an authority is desperately needed to help share the facts, including that:

1)    CBD is only one of the 113+ cannibinoids found in the cannabis/ hemp plant.

2)    CBD is NOT THC. THC is the culprit that gives marijuana its “high”. CBD is non-psychoactive.

3)    CBD has extensive medical research and is being heralded within the medical community.

4)    CBD has effective proven results for pain relief, recovery, sleep, and a number of other incredible uses, and its uses and applications are continuing to grow.

5)    CBD is being widely used by a large demographic including the elderly, athletes, professionals, youth, and even pets.

6)    millions of testimonials are naming CBD the biggest supplement breakthrough this century.

We know Nutrition Zone is poised to be the #1 player in the category, even as CVS, Vitamin Shoppe and other retailers are dipping their toes into the category.  The problem, which also creates the largest opportunity in this billion-dollar industry, is that millions of consumers want CBD products, but are currently forced into Marijuana dispensaries, or sketchy vape and head shops to purchase the products they are after. And a large majority of these customers do not feel comfortable in those establishments. And the truth is those establishments are often not properly educated, do not carry the safest and highest quality products, and are also pushing customers towards products containing THC and hallucinogens. Some estimations are that over 80% of current CBD products in these establishments are fake. The result is a terrible, and possibly dangerous, experience for customers.  And again, even with Walgreens, GNC, Bed Bath and Beyond and CVS offering very limited options for CBD, no one has stepped up to to lead the way.

Nutrition Zone has seen the very real need for a trusted, approachable and main stream CBD retail experience, and has answered the call swiftly and drastically.  And we have already seen that consumers agree with us, and they are pouring in our doors to experience what they have been reading, hearing and learning about more and more every day.  

In the many years I have been in this industry, I have never seen anything as exciting as this CBD explosion. We know we are going to help millions of customers live better lives, and we are excited to share the success of that with our franchise partners.

Thank you,

Joe Eckstrom

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