We are in the business of changing lives.

Nutrition Zone was founded to serve, educate and empower the community by improving the quality of our client’s lives. From inception, Nutrition Zone’s customer service and sincerity has been at the forefront of its growth. This is realized through highly educated team members who share our goal of making a positive, meaningful impact in our communities.
Nutrition Zone provides premium service and premium products at extremely competitive prices.


We understand that a constant focus on service will make us more successful in our stores, in our organization and in our communities.

We take immense pride in the quality of the products we sell, the stores we sell them in, and the team members that make it all possible.

We are in business to compete and win. We infuse healthy competition into all aspects of our organization to drive enjoyment and excellence.

We continually strive to be Best-in-Class in all aspects of our organization. While we are pleased with great results, we are never satisfied.


First and foremost we serve. We enthusiastically serve our clients and our communities.

Our team members are the best trained and most certified in the world; enabling our customers to better reaches their goals.

Consistently providing the best value in the industry, by delivering unparalleled service & knowledge with aggressively competitive pricing.




Do you want to be your own Boss?

Do you want to make money even when you are not physically working?

Would you rather join a proven system than figure it out yourself?

Do you believe being part of something bigger than yourself is worthwhile?


If you answered YES to the above questions, Franchise Ownership is definitely an option you should consider.

It’s no secret that sports nutrition is growing at an exponential rate, but you may be surprised to hear, according to Forbes, that 2012 revenue equaled $32 Billion USD, and in less than 8 years it is projected to surpass $60 Billion USD!


It doesn’t take a billionaire businessman to see the opportunity, or understand that entrepreneurs, especially those looking to tap into real financial freedom, should have their sights set on entering this industry.  Nor does it take a crystal ball to see that everything around us, from the proliferation of gyms (24hr fitness, LA fitness, Crossfit) to the increasing awareness of health consciousness (Wholefoods, Trader Joe’s, low calorie menus) is boosting this industry boom even faster.


Even the other side of the equation, the US becoming more obese than ever, busy lifestyles and the increase of health care costs, are driving consumers into this industry, and into Nutrition Zone stores.


The simple math is that less than 5 percent of consumers in this industry are performance athletes or hardcore bodybuilders. 5 percent… which means there are MILLIONS of consumers, right next door to you, your neighbors, who need, and want, a Nutrition Zone store that will provide them what they are searching for.

Deciding to go into business for yourself requires careful consideration.  Purchasing a Nutrition Zone franchise will give you the amazing opportunity to own your own business- but not just any business: an established national brand with a proven operating system already in place.  As part of the Nutrition Zone team, you join a team that has a solid track record of success, with training, tools and unlimited support to assist you.

The key to choosing the right franchise comes down to fit. Does the franchise stand for what you stand for, and does it provide the opportunity you are looking for.

To understand what Nutrition Zone stands for, you can read Nutrition Zone’s company brief:

We are in the business of changing lives.

Nutrition Zone was founded to serve, educate and empower the community by improving the quality of our client’s lives.  From inception, Nutrition Zone’s customer service and sincerity has been at the forefront of its growth.  This is realized through highly educated team members who share our goal of making a positive, meaningful impact in our communities. 

Nutrition Zone provides premium service and premium products at extremely competitive prices.

If you share Nutrition Zone’s passion and enthusiasm for helping others achieve their fitness goals, and helping them, and you, enjoy a happier, healthier more rewarding lifestyle, then you could be a good fit for owning a Nutrition Zone franchise.

There is a difference between risk and calculated risk.

What franchise ownership, and specifically Nutrition Zone Franchise ownership, allows you to do is get in the game of business, with all the rewards and satisfaction that comes with that, without playing at the table alone, and putting ALL your cards, and chips, on the line, in one risky hand.

Nutrition Zone has blazed the trail and carved out the road for you as a Franchise Owner, so that you don’t have to cut through the thick on your own, loosing your bearings and footing along the way, which often translates into lost dollars, and usually more importantly, lost time.

Our Nutrition Zone motto is very real: Be in Business for Yourself, but not by Yourself.

Without a doubt, Nutrition Zone has the most solid foundation in the industry.

With over 45+ years experience in franchising, brand building and operations, and 10+ years of perfecting the Nutrition Zone store model, Nutrition Zone has been tested and proven in the most demanding markets in the country.

That solid foundation includes the operation of corporately owned stores, showing we invest in, and live, the Franchise model as well. This makes us better equipped to understand the needs and provide solutions to our Franchisees well in advance.

A solid foundation is not possible without a well capitalized financial plan. Nutrition Zone has both the ability and desire to continually invest in infrastructure and systems to lead the industry.

And that foundation is further strengthened by having the best and brightest on our Executive Team- individuals who have created and obtained phenomenal success in the Franchise and Consumer Goods industries- bringing with them a level of professionalism, insight and skillset not found in any of our competitors.

Some of Nutrition Zone’s competitors may have more stores than Nutrition Zone, even over a shorter time period, but that is because Nutrition Zone only chooses and adds team members that we truly believe in, and represent our brand, our stores, and our culture.

Unlike most of our competitors, Nutrition Zone offers all of the top industry brands, as well as over 120 exclusive sports nutrition, weight loss, vitamin and general health supplements. Nutrition Zone also maintains guaranteed low prices year round, offers unparalleled customer service, and has the absolute best looking stores in the industry.

The fact that Nutrition Zone is a Franchise and NOT a License Program positions Nutrition Zone as the most credible, professional, cost effective and lucrative nutrition-based retail businesses in the world.

  1. Training:

Nutrition Zone has developed the benchmark for training in the sports, health

and wellness industry with NZU: Nutrition Zone University. NZU is a combination of an in classroom and online program that we use to fully teach, train and empower our franchisee’s. One of our core values here at Nutrition Zone is SERVICE, and we know that extended knowledge in diet and supplementation will allow you to help serve your customers, driving loyalty and profits. NZU is continually adding courses and classes to keep you up to date on the latest information in the industry.

NZU’s online university makes training new employees a breeze. NZU Online

is able to walk trainees through the entire program ensuring that they learn our valuable information as quickly and effectively as possible. Its this high level of information and ease of use that puts NZU in a class of its own.


  1. Products:

Nutrition Zone provides you national buying power on all of the top industry brands, enabling you to be the value leader in your area, achieve great margins, and even compete with the internet. This is crucial to the success of any retail nutrition business today.

Another benefit to joining the Nutrition Zone system is access to over 120 exclusive sports nutrition, weight loss, vitamin and general health supplements that are not sold through independent brick and mortar retailers. These exclusive brands and products are cGMP certified and manufactured to the most rigorous standards, allowing you to provide your customers with reassurance and piece of mind when purchasing the proper supplements for their needs.

It’s the perfect recipe for success: national brands at great prices, exclusive products with incredible margins, and the trust of having the best quality in the industry.


  1. Systems:

Nutrition Zone invests heavily in systems, as it is the backbone of our collective success.  This can be found in our Product Ordering, Warehousing and Logistic capabilities as well. The Nutrition Zone order process has been streamlined to control thousands of products within a simple structure, from when you click your store order, to fulfillment, to delivery. It could not be easier, or more accurate.

This system also allows for detailed back end warehouse management, making sure our product pipelines are dependable and efficient. Watching our efficiency means more dollars to be spent on making sure you have the best industry support.

Thanks to this process and investment, we can focus where it matters, on serving you and helping you grow your business.


  1. Store Look:

Nutrition Zone has partnered with the #1 retail space designer in the world to produce an inviting, clean and natural store environment. Our modular system is customizable which allows the store owner to easily change out imagery based on customer and location influencers. That tailored approach to standardization is just one of the ways Nutrition Zone sets itself apart.

The Nutrition Zone store look is on a different level than that of the current competition. We are by far the best looking, most inviting, and most attractive store in the industry. The Nutrition Zone look is not sterile, boutiq-y, or juvenile like the other players in the category.

Nutrition Zone strikes the perfect balance between the softer side of wellness and the harder edge of sports nutrition, welcoming all customers in for a one-of-a-kind experience.


  1. The Nutrition Zone brand and marketing:

Here at Nutrition Zone, we are in the business of changing lives. This is a POWERFUL mindset to have and is very much the catalyst and driver of Nutrition Zone’s success within the industry. Now the question arises, how does Nutrition Zone Marketing provide you with the opportunity to change a customer’s life?


Nutrition Zone’s Marketing provides our customers and you with cutting edge, innovative, and relevant campaigns and materials. At the forefront of Social Media inside the nutrition and wellness industry, we maximize every dollar utilizing the latest technology, strategies, and partnerships to communicate and influence carefully identified core demographics. Our knowledge and experience allows us to target local markets as well, capturing new customers and driving foot traffic, providing you the support you need to win!  Even our House branded products are treated like top-tier National Brands, through advertising and promotion, a feat no other retailer in the industry has been able to achieve.


Nutrition Zone Marketing has a simple motto – “Invest In Others.” We invest our time, our sweat, and our energy into each and every Nutrition Zone Franchisee to ensure they are the industry leader within their local market.  The result is the highest brand image and value in the industry, while allowing you the franchisee to spend your time where it matters most.

Nutrition Zone does not compete with the internet, we embrace it. Many of our competitors sell the same items on their corporate website as their franchisees sell in their stores, competing with their own stores with no benefit to the franchisee owner.  We feel this is unfair and counter productive when it comes to supporting the store owners.  Other competitors do not sell online at all, missing a critical portion of modern era sales and consumer outreach.

Nutrition Zone has has pioneered a program that puts the Nutrition Zone franchisees’ interests first, by creating a corporate website that superbly markets the Nutrition Zone, the products, and most importantly allows each franchisee to make money and embrace online sales by profit sharing online sales in their territory.  This is ground breaking! A franchise and industry first that shows Nutrition Zone stands alone in putting the interest of their Nutrition Zone franchisees before anything else.

Yes, Nutrition Zone was founded as a store that sold nutritional supplements and vitamins but as time went on, we listened to our franchisees and the ever growing demand for other fitness related products.  Nutrition Zone is proud of its legacy of forward thinking and making moves to keep Franchisees profitable and relevant to the current trends.  Today, Nutrition Zone is not only the Premier Sports Nutrition Retailer, our stores are also the fitness hub in their communities, offering the best selection of fitness apparel, prepared meals, and individual coaching, nutrition and exercise plans. If it is fitness related, Nutrition Zone has it covered, driving foot traffic, brand loyalty and profits.

In the United States, the franchise fee is $10,000. We are currently not accepting applications for anything outside the United States.

The total investment for a new Nutrition Zone store will vary based on factors such as store size, location, rent, sign requirements, etc. However, the estimated initial investment, which includes the one-time franchise fee, first month’s rent & security deposit, build out, permits, shelving, flooring, paint, fixtures, computer, printer, POS program, alarm, security cameras, signage, approximately $35-50K in inventory, airfare/accommodations for training and pre-opening marketing campaign, is approximately $75K – $146K.

Nutrition Zone Franchisees pay a $1,500 royalty fee each month. This money funds the support and systems that will help drive your success.

For a limited time, you can turn key your store for as low as $85,000 plus cash reserves. In addition, Nutrition Zone is waiving the Royalty Fee for the first 12 months and are cutting the Branding Fund contribution in half for the first 12 months. In addition, we have brokered a deal with our Exclusive Products distributor to rebate a check up to $1,500 each month for reaching certain volume thresholds.  This makes Nutrition Zone, by far, the most aggressively priced sports nutrition retailer in the country.

Nutrition Zone has been approved by top lending companies, a sign of their confidence in the business model, which makes the financing process much easier for potential Nutrition Zone franchisees. For more information about our approved financing companies you will need to fill out our Franchise Application.

Absolutely. Nutrition Zone also offers Multi-Unit franchise opportunities in all 50 states. The Multi-Unit opportunity enables entrepreneurs to own and operate two or more retail locations in a particular territory should the demographics support this.

Yes. Nutrition Zone offers full assistance with the site selection process while providing you the freedom to decide where you would like your retail store to be located. The only stipulation is that it does not interfere with the territorial rights of any existing or “soon to be opened” location(s). Nutrition Zone’s expert team works directly with a commercial real estate broker that utilizes U.S. Census Data, consumer profiles and demographic research to assist you in your search. This critical data coupled with key factors such as location visibility and local traffic counts will allow you to make an educated decision regarding your site selection.  This broker service is available to you at no charge.

Yes. Nutrition Zone offers some of the most aggressive protected territories in the industry. Your protected territory is based on several factors including radius and population.

As Nutrition Zone continues to expand, there are always new opportunities. Completing the Franchise Application is the first step in the process of learning what opportunities and areas remain available.

Over the last decade, Nutrition Zone has worked diligently to perfect the layout, customer flow and store size to maximize our customer experience and profit per sq. foot, all while minimizing required inventory.  Those years and years of fine tuning equals increased net profits for our Franchisees.

The average Nutrition Zone store is between 800 and 1200 sq. feet or 20’x40′ to 25’x48′.

The store is strategically sized to separate itself from the “ma and pop” stores, while still providing the intimate, community feel our customers have grown to love.

We’ve designed each store fixture to create a best-in-class shopping experience for our customers.  The displays feature products in an inviting manner to maximize ease of shopping while emphasizing key products and services through our in-store TV’s.

Nutrition Zone’s store size, layout, composition and product mix produce the best return on investment in the industry- hands down.

Yes. Please fill out the online Application and be sure to note on the Application the name of your store and what city and state your store is located and a representative will be in contact with you to discuss the details of this opportunity.

Absolutely. Nutrition Zone’s experts will guide you through the entire process. Once your location has been selected, we will set up a timeline of events that will end with the actual grand opening of your store. Rest assured, your hand will be held through this entire process.

Yes. When you become a Nutrition Zone Franchisee, you will be enrolled in NZU, our online training program. Once completed NZU Online, you will join us for an extensive two-week training course, NZU Live, at our World Headquarters in Orange County, CA. Our live training program reinforces and focuses on product knowledge, sales, marketing, merchandising, inventory control, POS training, business management and much more. This unique experience will also allow you the opportunity to shadow successful store owners and managers to get a firm grasp on the day to day operations that take place in a Nutrition Zone retail location. This program encompasses the information and skills you will need to know with respect to operating a successful Nutrition Zone franchise.

  1. Do you offer any marketing assistance?

Absolutely. Our in-house marketing and design team have decades of experience and are here to assist you in your success every step of the way. We have a library of hundreds of pre-designed templates for flyers, postcards, print ads, direct mail, email campaigns, posters, vehicle wraps, billboards, banners, yard signs, social media, radio, television and more. In addition, our graphic design department can create custom designed pieces as well to fit your specific marketing needs. You will have access to some of the most aggressive and effective marketing campaign programs in the industry. Our marketing methods, branding and approach have been tested and proven over the last 17 years. In addition, our user friendly website, NutritionZoneUSA.com, our national print marketing and social media activities are designed to drive customers to your store!

Yes. Nutrition Zone’s goal is to assist each and every store owner with their ongoing success. Prior to your store opening, you will be assigned a Team Leader who will be your primary contact person and responsible for assisting you in the ongoing operations and success of your store. We typically speak with our store owners weekly and are always just a phone call away. We believe that doing right by our Franchisees, we will do right for our company. We recognize that the success of our company is dependent on the profitability and success of our store owners. The ongoing benefits provided by our experienced management team will give you the competitive edge needed to succeed in this rapidly growing retail nutrition industry! Upon completion of this FAQ, I would encourage you to visit the Store Owner Testimonials section of this website to hear what some of our current owners have to say about Nutrition Zone.

While every case is different, the typical length of time between your first application and opening your business is between 6 and 12 months.

If you have the opportunity to visit the Nutrition Zone Headquarters in Orange County, California, you will find a quote written boldly for all to see. It reads:

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you, are a leader.

Nutrition Zone’s corporate team is built on leaders, we ONLY hire proven leaders, and what President John Adam’s quote so appropriately illustrates, is the Nutrition Zone mindset: to not only focus on doing things right, but doing the right things.

Every member of the Nutrition Zone team is measured first on performance excellence, being best-in-class in all we do – but they are also measured in their commitment to live up to our values- and their ability to inspire those around them.

At Nutrition Zone we are confident we have the best Corporate Team hands down, a team built on winners, and as a team, with our carefully selected Franchisee team members, we will set new benchmarks in this industry, and beyond.

The next step would be to complete Nutrition Zone’s Online Application which will allow us to get to know you a little better. This is the first step of our qualifying process. Once we have received your Application, it will be reviewed and a representative will be in contact with you for an initial telephone call to discuss your level of interest, if you would be a good fit, and to answer any initial questions you may have.

Following this initial discussion, if you feel this opportunity with Nutrition Zone may be right for you and after you have met our initial qualifications, your Application and file will be reviewed by our corporate team and a FDD(Federal Disclosure Document) will be sent to you for review. This document will step you through all of the details about Nutrition Zone, our offering and all of the expectations that will be required in owning a Nutrition Zone franchise.

After you have reviewed the FDD and want to move forward, you may be invited down to our Corporate Headquarters to meet with our corporate team, visit a couple of our stores have any additional questions answered.

After visiting our Corporate Headquarters, having had all of your questions answered, and having been approved for a Nutrition Zone Franchise, the next step would be to execute a franchise agreement and name a territory. This will prevent any other potential new store owners that may be interested, from acquiring that same territory. At this point, we will welcome you to the Nutrition Zone family and begin looking forward to assisting you in developing your successful store(s).

Take the next step to learning more about the Nutrition Zone Franchise opportunity by completing the online application here.




Franchise Application

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  • Employment History (please list your last three positions)

  • Top Cities/Territories of Interest

  • Your Financial Information

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